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ASIC Design & Test Services

ASIC Custom Solutions

ASIC Design Services

Sandia’s ASIC design group offers expertise in realizing integrated circuit (IC) designs from concept to final product delivery. We provide disciplined mixed-signal ASIC design services and system-on-chip solutions for custom and unique applications that private industry cannot or will not provide due to security, low volume, radiation-hardened, and other unique needs.

The following services are available individually or can be combined to meet customer needs:

  • Program Management
    • Coordinate and Monitor Schedule and Budget
    • Manage Customer Expectations
    • Lead Multi-Organizational Teams
  • Product Definition
    • Product Specification Generation
    • Technology/Foundry Evaluation and Selection
    • Concept Development and Design/logic Partitioning
  • Digital Design
    • RTL Code Development (VHDL and Verilog)
    • System Modeling
    • Logic Synthesis
    • Triple-mode Redundancy (TMR) circuits
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal Design
    • Transistor level design
    • Spice Simulation/Verification
    • RTL Modeling
  • Design Verification
    • Functional Simulation and Evaluation
    • Static Timing Analysis
    • Test Pattern Generation
    • Formal Verification/Equivalency Checking
    • Code Coverage Analysis
    • Monte Carlo Simulations and Evaluation
  • Design for  Test and Manufacturability
    • Design-for-Test (DFT)
    • Scan/ATPG Insertion
    • Logic and Memory Built-in Self Test (BIST)
    • Insert Test Interfaces (JTAG)
  • Physical Design
    • Floor planning
    • Custom Analog Layout and Digital Layout
    • Auto-Place-and-Route (APR)
    • Clock/Buffer Tree Insertion
    • Power/IR Drop Analysis
    • Timing Closure
    • Parasitic Extraction
    • Layout-vs-Schematic (LVS) and Design Rule Checking (DRC)
  • Foundry Interface
    • In-depth Understanding of Technology Offerings and Constraints
    • Serve as Primary Foundry Interface


We provide these services in a Trusted Design environment.

ASIC Design Development Process - click for larger image

ASIC Verification and Test Services

Sandia’s ASIC test group offers a variety of test services that enable the development of new mixed-signal integrated circuits, system-on-chip products, as well as MEMS technology development. 

Specialized test equipment is available for test of both mixed-signal ASIC products and high-speed high-pin count digital products.

Clean Room

For additional information or questions, please email us at ASIC Custom Solutions

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