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IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Society Merit Award honors Sandia radiation effects expert

July 17, 2014

Jim Schwank

Sandia radiation effects researcher Jim Schwank has won the 2014 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Merit Award, which recognizes outstanding technical contributions to the fields of nuclear and plasma sciences.

“I feel highly honored,” said Schwank, who is the second active Sandia employee to win the award and the sixth person in the radiation effects community to win since the award’s inception in 1972. The winner was announced earlier this month during the IEEE’s Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects conference..........more

Prototype electrolyte sensor provides immediate read-outs

June 3, 2014

Ronen Polsky

Patients trying to navigate today’s complex medical system with its costly laboratory analyses might prefer a pain-free home diagnostic device, worn on the wrist, that can analyze, continuously record and immediately remedy low electrolyte levels.

Runners, athletes in other strenuous sports and soldiers on long missions also might prefer immediate knowledge of their electrolytic states as an aid to improved performance...........more

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