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Doing Business with Us

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Doing business with MSTC

Doing business with Sandia National Laboratories’ MSTC is easier than one would expect. Sandia National Laboratories have instituted various methods of establishing working relationships.  After meeting specified criteria, there are numerous programs to collaborate with and access Sandia’s unique capabilities and technologies. Examples are:


Doing business with Corporate Sandia

Sandia National Laboratories, a government research and development (R&D) laboratory, values its interactions with private industry. Whether by purchasing goods and services, or transferring technology through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) or licensing of technology, Sandia is committed to cultivating the highest quality relationships.

To investigate technology transfer at Sandia:

Partnerships: Sandia works closely with industry, small business, universities and government agencies to bring technologies to the marketplace.

To sell products or services to Sandia:

Procurement : Sandia is one of the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) largest and most diverse R&D facilities. As such, we purchase a wide variety of products and services.

To learn more about and utilize Sandia's Small Business Resources:

Small Business: Sandia has a history of placing contracts with the small business community. Sandia is dedicated to working with and strengthening the small business community by delivering many no-cost services.

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