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ASIC Custom Solutions

email: ASIC Custom Solutions

Biological Microsensor Technologies

  • Biosensors and Nanomaterials

email: Biosensors and Nanomaterials

Chemical Microsensors and
Sensor Microsystems

  • Chemical sensors and integrated sensor-based microsystems

email: Chemical Microsensors and Sensor Microsystems

Failure Analysis

  • Root Cause and Failure Analysis

email: Failure Analysis

Integrated Photonics

  • Photonic Crystals, Nano Photonics, Micro Optics

email: Integrated Photonics

Integrated RF systems

  • RF Communications and Electronics

email: Integrated RF Systems

MEMS Technologies

  • MEMS Enabled Systems, SUMMiT, Samples

email: MEMS Technologies


  • Optoelectronics and Electronic Devices

email: Optoelectronics

Packaging and Assembly

  • Product Prototype Packaging and Assembly

email: Packaging and Assembly

Technology and Microsystems Applications

  • Various Technology and Microsystems applications

email: Technology and Microsystems Applications

Trusted Product Realization

  • Trusted system block design to packaged IC

email: Trusted Product Realization

Doing Business with Us

email: MSTC_Business

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