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The Sandia National Laboratories MSTC’s capabilities are designed to integrate the numerous scientific disciplines necessary to produce functional, robust, integrated microsystems.  This represents the center of Sandia's investment in microsystems research, development, and prototyping activities. This facility encompasses approximately nearly 400,000 square feet and includes cleanroom facilities, laboratories and supporting administrate offices.

These facilities are divided between the Silicon Fab and the MicroFab.  The focus of the Silicon Fab is the development, application and production of radiation -hardened CMOS integrated circuit technologies capable of realizing digital, analog, mixed-mode, and nonvolatile memory circuits for the nuclear stockpile.  In addition, the silicon wafer fab is the world’s premier R&D source of surface micromachining technology.  The facility includes 12,500 square feet of class 1 cleanroom space.  The MicroFab includes 13,700 square feet of Class 10 cleanroom space designed for flexibility to allow development of a range of compound semiconductor based optoelectronic, RF, and photonic microsystem technologies.

Other facilities provide for the design and development of Trusted application specific integrated circuits (ASIC’s), electronic devices and components, interconnects, and cables.  Other Capabilities include integrated circuit (IC) and component testing, evaluation, characterization, and qualification. MSTC’s expertise takes on the problems of radiation effects with device modeling and circuit simulation expertise along with fabrication. Lastly, additional laboratories are used for the research, development, and fabrication of heterogeneous packaging technologies.  These technologies integrate a diverse set of components, including; MEMS, advanced photonics, microsensors, RF devices, and analog & digital integrated circuits.

ASIC Design

Failure Analysis & Reliability Physics

  • Electron Beam
  • FIB
  • Light Beam
  • Optical Beam
  • SEM
  • Visual and NIR Light Emission Imaging

III-V Compound Semiconductor Fabrication

  • HBT Fabrication
  • VCSEL Fabrication

Metal Micromachining Program


MEMS Design & Test


Microsensors and Sensor Microsystems

Modeling & Simulation

  • Computational Electromagnetic Modeling
  • Opto/Optoelectronic device, circuit, and packaging modeling and simulation


  • Flex and surface mount assembly
  • Hermetic ceramic and plastic qualified packaging (PQFP & PBGA)
  • ISO 9001 registered high-reliability ASIC packaging
  • MEMS packaging
  • Rapid hybrid microsystems prototyping
  • RF and optoelectronics packaging
  • Ultra-miniaturization (3-D packaging and 3-D Integration)


  • Biophotonics
  • Electrochemical Arrays
  • Nanophotonics
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Silicon Photonic Integrated Optical Devices


Silicon Fabrication

Trusted Microelectronics Design and Fabrication

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