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  • Carnes EC, Harper JC, Ashley CE, Lopez DM, Brinker LM,  Liu J, Singh S, Brozik SM, Brinker CJ, “Cell-Directed Localization and Orientation of a Functional Foreign Transmembrane Protein within a Silica Nanostructure”, JACS, 131, 14255–14257, 2009.
  • Polsky R, Harper JC, Wheeler DR, Dirk SM, Arango DC, Brozik SM, “Electrically Addressable Cell Immobilization Using Phenylboronic Acid Diazonium Salts”, Ang. Chem. Int. Ed, 47(14), 2631-2634, 2008.
  • Flemming JH, Baca HK, Werner-Washburne M, Brozik SM, López GP, “A Packed Micro Column Approach to a Cell-Based Biosensor”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 113, Issue 1, 376-381, 2006.
  • Dolan PL, Harper JC, Brozik SM, “Microbial Detection Systems”, for Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation, Second Edition, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006.
  • Helen K. Baca, Carlee Ashley, Eric Carnes, DeAnna Lopez, Jeb Flemming, Darren Dunphy, Seema Singh, Zhu Chen, Nanguo Liu, Hongyou Fan, Gabriel P. Lopez, Susan M. Brozik, Margaret Werner-Washburne and C. Jeffrey Brinker, Cell-directed assembly of lipid-silica nanostructures providing extended cell viability”,  Science, Jul 21 2006, Vol. 313, Issue 5785, pg. 337
  • JH Flemming, HK Baca, M Werner-Washburne, SM Brozik and GP Lopez, “A packed microcolumn approach to a cell-based biosensor”, Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, Jan 17 2006, Vol. 113, Issue 1, pg. 376.

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