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FAME Publications

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  • C. Mowry, D. Wheeler, L. Theisen, K. Pfeifer, P. Lewis, R. Cernosek, "Low Power Microfabricated Components for Rapid and Portable Detection of Biological Agents", Abstract and poster presented at the First Annual National Homeland Security Research & Development Conference, Boston, MA, April 27- 28, 2005. Poster #1294.

  • C. Harvey, F. Basile, C. Mowry, K. Voorhees, J., "Evaluation of a Micro-Fabricated Pyrolyzer for the Detection of Bacillus Anthracis Spores", Anal. Appl Pyrolysis 72 (2004) 55-61.

  • C. Morgan, C. Mowry, R. Manginell, G. FryeMason, R. Kottenstette, P. Lewis, "Rapid Identification of Bacteria with Miniaturized Prolysis/GC Analysis", Advanced Environmental and Chemical Sensing Technology, T. Vo-Dinh and S. Buettgenbach, Editors, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4205, pp. 199-206 (2000).

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