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Chem Lap on a Chip

The MicroChemLab is a handheld chemical analysis system that combines sample handling, separation, and detection. MicroChemLab combines three cascaded stages; each realized using microfabricated components.

The discrimination power of analytical chemistry techniques may one day be realized with micro-analytical systems that combine sensors with means for collecting samples, preconcentrating them, and separating constituent species for identification and quantification. Work is underway to construct on-chip building blocks for these systems, including pumps, valves, preconcentrators, gas-chromatograph columns, and sensors.

Stage one collects and concentrates samples.
Stage two is a gas chromatography (GC) column used to achieve sample separations.
Stage three is an array of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors used to detect the sample.

Preconcentrator - Stage 1
Separation - Stage 2
Stage 2
Detection - Stage 3
Stage 3




For additional information or questions, please email us at Microsystems Gas Analysis

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