Homeland Security

Aircraft Modeling

We consistently and persistently reduce the risk to our nation of terrorist threats and significant national incidents through technical leadership, unbiased expertise, mission-focused R&D, and delivery of engineered solutions

  • Perform research and systems studies in major threat areas including nuclear, radiological, biological and explosives
  • Create tools to support emergency management training
  • Conduct large-scale operations research and systems analysis for border security
  • Conduct testing and evaluation for technologies to be deployed in operational environments
  • Perform trade-off analyses to support acquisitions in biological detection
  • Develop approaches to assess and improve resilience

Key sponsors are the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services.

Program Areas include:

  • Nuclear and Radiological Security
  • Biological and Chemical Security*
  • Aviation and Explosives Security
  • Borders and Maritime Security
  • Disaster Management and Resilience
  • Homeland Security Policy and Initiatives

*Public Health Service Financial Conflict of Interest Policy