Global Security


We reduce proliferation and terrorism threats to U.S. national security through global technical engagement.

  • Enhance security of vulnerable nuclear weapons stockpiles and weapons-usable nuclear material in countries of concern and the ability to detect illicit trafficking of those materials at international border crossings including airports, seaports and other points of entry/exit
  • Provide technical support to U.S. government policy makers for arms control and international agreements
  • Develop sustainable technologies for international biorisk management, and create capacities within nations to prevent the misuse of biological and chemical materials
  • Develop technologies to protect at-risk WMD-usable nuclear and radiological materials worldwide from theft and sabotage

We support the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Defense and Nuclear Nonproliferation, and the Departments of State and Defense (Defense Threat Reduction Agency).

Program Areas include:

  • Global Threat Reduction
  • International Arms Control and International Security
  • International Weapons and Material Protection
  • International Border Security
  • International Cooperative Threat Reduction