International, Homeland, & Nuclear Security

  • Creating Security Solutions

    Addressing the most important risks at home and abroad

  • Getting in Front of the Threat

    Enabling the nation to be resilient in the event of an attack or other major incident

  • Securing High-Value Assets

    Providing technology and systems solutions to confront ever-changing threats

  • Preventing Proliferation

    Working across science, technology, and engineering to help anticipate and respond to proliferation threats

Flash Bang

Global Security

Creating solutions to nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical risks.

Homeland Defense & Force Protection

Providing solutions to confront changing threats to military bases.

Homeland Security

Reducing the risk of terrorist threats and major national incidents.

International, Homeland, & Nuclear Security's mission includes:

  • Advancing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) nonproliferation
    • Supporting the development and implementation of arms control treaties and objectives;
    • Securing and safeguarding WMD materials and facilities;
  • Enhancing security of nuclear weapons globally
  • Countering, responding to, and recovering from WMD use by terrorists or others; and
  • Reducing the risk to our nation from significant national incidents while maintaining and facilitating trade, travel, and personal freedoms.

Anticipating and reducing the highest-priority risks associated with weapons of mass destruction and catastrophic incidents.