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Research in Microfluidics 

MicroChemLab™ biodetector


Research in Microfluidic Transport at Sandia National Laboratories

Proteomics and Cellular Signaling

We are interested in understanding the molecular events associated with cellular signaling, and specifically we seek to develop a more rapid means of determining the onset of an immune response.

The earliest indicators of immune system activation include changes in the phosphorylation or levels of key signaling proteins. We are employing a proteomics approach in which we selectively collect the phosphorylated proteins from cultured immune cells by affinity chromatographic techniques and subject them to a variety of sensitive separation techniques (see µChemLab descriptions).

We seek to determine whether the separation patterns or "fingerprints" of phosphorylated proteins, indicative of the resting state of the cells, change when the cells have been activated. This work will provide an essential basis that could lead to a field device to aid first responders and emergency medical personnel.

Research affiliations for this work include the University of New Mexico Medical School and the Alliance for Cellular Signaling.

"Rapid" Determination of Pathogen Exposure Via a Proteomics Approach

For Further Information Contact: Victoria VanderNoot