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Fact Sheet
December 22, 1995

Sandia Labs Pumps More Than a Billion 
Into New Mexico and California Economies For FY95

Sandia National Laboratories pumped more than a billion dollars 
into the New Mexico and California economies in fiscal year 1995 
with employee salaries, medical and dental benefits, retiree 
pensions, commercial purchases, and gross receipts taxes.

Sandia paid more than $400 million in wages to New Mexico 
employees during the fiscal year that ended September 30, 1995. 
New Mexico retiree pension payments during the same period 
amounted to about $47 million. An additional $30 million in 
medical and dental benefits for Sandia employees and retirees 
was paid to New Mexico health care providers in FY95

Corresponding payments in California were more than $63 million 
in wages, more than $5 million in retiree pension payments, and 
about $5 million in medical and dental benefits.

Sandia's total FY95 payroll was more than $470 million.

Sandia's total commercial purchases of goods and services in 
FY95 topped $760 million, more than half of which were made with 
small business suppliers. More than $335 million of those 
purchases were made with New Mexico suppliers. Commercial 
purchases from California suppliers amounted to $112 million.

Sandia also paid the State of New Mexico almost $48 million in 
gross receipts taxes in FY95.

The above numbers do not take in account any multiplier effects. 
Using FY94 numbers, the US Department of Energy and New Mexico 
State University issued a report last summer that said Sandia's 
annual budget of about $1.4 billion supported a total economic 
impact of $4.9 billion or about six percent of total economic 
activity in New Mexico.

Sandia is a multiprogram national laboratory operated by a 
subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation for the Department of 



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