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The reliability of devices, components, and ultimately systems is directly affected by the properties of their constituent materials. The prime goal of Department 1825 is to ensure that effective materials-related information is provided to customers who design and field high-consequence hardware such that long-term reliability will be attained. Our department activities focus on the needs of Sandia’s Nuclear Weapons program and we provide a centralized resource for them to ensure their materials issues and concerns are addressed, either by performing the work ourselves or by serving as an interface to other relevant materials subject-matter experts within Sandia. We also provide support to customers in other areas including Energy and Environment, and National Security Programs. As a cross-cutting element of Center 1800, we provide knowledge of how various types of manufacturing defects and age-related degradation can adversely affect material properties and we often help identify alternative manufacturing methods and materials to mitigate degradation issues. The department objectives are satisfied by performing many science and engineering functions that include vulnerability assessments, failure analyses, measurement of unknown material properties, development of improved materials, the correlation of secondary evidence with aging processes (e.g., chemical signatures), the development and deployment of predictive, physical-based mathematical models, the characterization of specific material-aging processes, and the detailed analyses of suspect production processes. We have specific expertise in gas/solid interactions and the aging and mechanical properties of ceramics, glasses and other brittle materials, inorganic materials, metals (including solders and brazes). We provide this support to our customers during all phases of design, production, storage, use, and retirement.

Contact: S. Jill Glass

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