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The Organic Materials Department performs materials reliability studies for polymers used in weapons in the stockpile, as well as for other critical applications in support of government and industry.

We emphasize understanding degradation mechanisms, developing and using specialized analytical techniques for assessing material degradation, designing laboratory aging experiments, and predicting materials lifetimes.

We also develop advanced materials and chemistries to meet a wide range of specialized application needs, including high-performance, and controlled decomposition. Current areas of R&D in the department include radiation effects on materials, dielectric properties, stability of cable insulation and o-rings, interfacial properties and adhesion, filled materials and elastomers, removable encapsulants, foams, coatings, chemistries for lithographic processes, and structural analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance and other techniques.

Contact:Regan Stinnett

Professional Societies:
American Chemical Society

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