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The Materials Chemistry Department provides innovation in the design, synthesis and development of advanced, multifunctional materials to satisfy unique needs in electronic, optical, catalytic, structural and selective-molecular-binding applications. We control chemical and structural characteristics, from the nano- to the micro-scale, in organic, inorganic and hybrid systems to explore new material constructs and strategies aimed at optimizing and expanding material performance. Our efforts support DOE Defense Programs, other DOE offices, other federal agencies and industry. In addition, we pursue partnerships with universities and establish ongoing collaborations with other experts in the field to leverage our research investments while participating in, and contributing to, the international research community. Research thrusts include nanostructured materials, passive and active materials for electronic, electromechanical, photonic, and fluidic microsystems, photoactuated materials, self-assembly, catalytic materials, and colloid chemistry.

Contact: Jim Voigt

Link to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy Facility

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