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Compact Solid Source of Hydrogen Gas, Nelson Bell, Patent # 6,746,496, issued 6/8/04

Hybrid Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis Methods, David Haaland, Patent # 6,711,503, issued 3/23/04

Long Working Distance Interference Microscope, Michael Sinclair, Patent #6,721,094, issued 4/14/04

Augmented Classical Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis, David Haaland and David Melgaard, Patent # 6,687,620, issued 2/3/2004

Method of Multivariate Spectral Analysis, Michael Keenan and Paul Kotula, Patent # 6,675,106, issued 1/6/2004

Silver-Hafnium Braze Alloy, John Stephens, Michael Hosking and Fred Yost, Patent # 6,663,982, issued 12/16/2003

Solar Selective Absorption Coatings, Carol Ashley, Patent # 6,632,542, issued 10/14/2003

Formation of Bulk Refractive-Index Structures, B.G. Potter and Gregory Jamison, Patent # 6,593,062, issued 7/15/2003

Capillary Test Specimen, System, and Methods for In-Situ Visualization of Capillary Flow and Fillet Formation, Aaron Hall, Michael Hosking and Mark Reece, Patent # 6,581,438, issued 6/24/2003

Apparatus and System for Multivariate Spectral Analysis, Michael Keenan and Paul Kotula, Patent # 6,584,413, issued 6/24/2003

Method and System for Automated On-Chip Material and Structural Certification of MEMS Devices, Michael Sinclair, Patent # 6,567,715, issued 5/20/2003

Apparatus for Controlling Fluid Flow in a Conduit Wall, Jill Glass and Edwin Beauchamp, Patent # 6,561,275, issued 5/13/2003

Low Work Function Materials for Microminiature Energy Conversion and Recovery Applications, Kevin Zavadil, Patent # 6,563,256, issued 5/13/2003

Coating System to permit Direct Brazing of Ceramics, Michael Hosking, Patent # 6,528,123, issued 3/4/2003

Control of Electrode Depth in Electroslag Remelting, David Melgaard and Gregory Shelmidine, Patent # 6,496,530, issued 12/17/2002

Sol-Gel Method for Encapsulating Molecules, Jeffrey Brinker and Carol Ashley, Patent # 6,495,352, issued 12/17/2002

Composite Zeolite Membranes, Carol Ashley, Patent # 6,494,326, issued 12/17/2002

Energy Beam Driven Rapid Fabrication System, David Schmale, Patent # 6,476,343, issued 11/5/2002

Surface Micromachined Structure Fabrication Methods for a Fluid Ejection Device, Kevin Zavadil, Patent #6,472,332, issued 10/29/2002

Strengthening and Design of a Controlled Fracture, Jill Glass and Edwin Beauchamp, Patent #6,472,068, issued 10/29/2002

Solid Freeform Fabrication Using Chemically Reactive Suspensions, Joseph Cesarano and Duane Dimos, Patent # 6,454,972, issued 9/24/2002

Micromachined Fluid Ejector Systems and Methods Having Improved Response Characteristics, Kevin Zavadil, Patent #6,416,169, issued 7/9/2002

Direct Laser Additive Fabrication System with Image Feedback Control, Gerald Knorovsky, Danny Maccallum, Eric Schlienger, Patent # 6,459,951, issued 10/01/2002

Electronic Drive Systems and Methods, Kevin Zavadil, Patent # 6,419,335, issued 07/16/2002

Classical Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis, David Haaland, Patent # 6,415,233, issued 07/02/2002

Tin Alkoxide Hydrolysis Products for use as Base Catalysts, Timothy Boyle, Patent # 6,414,174, issued 07/02/2002

Ink-Jet Print Head, Kevin Zavadil, Patent # 6,409,310, issued 06/25/2002

Fluid Ejection Systems and Methods with Secondary Dielectric Fluid, Kevin Zavadil, Patent # 6,406,130, issued 06/18/2002

Method for Free Forming Objects with Low-Binder Slurry, Joseph Cesarano, Patent # 6,401,795, issued 06/11/2002

Method for Making Field Structured Memory Materials, Robert A. Anderson, Patent # 6,391,393, issued 05/21/2002

Micromachined Fluid Ejector System and Methods, Kevin R. Zavadil, Patent # 6,367,915, issued 04/09/2002

3-D Photo-Patterning of Refractive Index Structures in Photosensitive Thin Film Materials, Barrett G. Potter, Jr., Patent # 6,368,775, issued 04/09/2002

Method of Making Thermally Removable Epoxies, Edward M. Russick, Patent # 6,337,384, issued 01/08/2002

Hybrid Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis Methods, David M. Haaland, Patent # 6,341,257, issued 01/22/2002

Crystal Phase Identification, Joseph R. Michael, Raymond P. Goehner, Patent # 6,326,619, issued 12/04/2001

Surface Preparation for High Purity Alumina Ceramics Enabling Direct Brazing in Hydrogen Atmospheres, Floyd M. Hosking, Patent # 6,315,188, issued 11/13/2001

Tridentate Ligated Heteronuclear Tin (ll) Alkoxides for Use as Base Catalysts, Timothy J. Boyle, Patent # 6,307,078, issued 10/23/2001

Method for Laser Welding a Fin and a Tube, Phillip W. Fuerschbach, Patent # 6,300,591, issued 10/09/2001

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