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Method for Making Surfactant-Templated Thin Films, Jeff Brinker, Hongyou Fan, Patent #RE41612, issued 8/13/10

Dendritic Metal Nanostructures, John Shelnutt, Yujiang Song, Patent #7,785,391, issued 8/13/10

Metal Nanoparticles as a Conductive Catalyst, Eric Coker, Patent #7,767,610, issued 8/13/10

Water-Soluable Titanium Alkoxide Material, Timothy Boyle, Patent # 7,741,486 B1, issued 6/22/10

Microfabricated Triggered Vacuum Switch, Alex W. Roesler, Joshua M. Schare,Kyle Bunch, Patent #7,714,240, issued 5/11/10

Method of Photocatalytic Nanotagging, John Shelnutt, Craig Medforth, Yujiang Song, Patent #7,704,489, issued 4/27/10

Correlation Spectrometer, Michael Sinclair, Kent Pfeifer, Jeb Flemming, Gary D Jones, Chris Tigges, Patent #7,697,134, issued 4/13/10

Laser Warning Receiver to Identify the Wavelength and Angle of Arrival of Incident Laser Light, Michael Sinclair, William Sweatt, Patent #7,683,310, issued 3/22/10

Inertial Sensing Microelectromechanical (MEM) Safe-Arm Device, Alex Roesler, Susan Wooden, Patent #7,530,312, issued 5/12/09

Vicinal Light Inspection of Translucent Materials, Pin Yang, George R. Burns, Patent #7,650,028, issued 1/19/10

Solution Synthesis of Germanium Nanocrystals, Henry Gerung, Timothy Boyle, Scott Bunge, Patent #7,591871, issued 9/22/09

Electrochemical Assembly of Organic Molecules by the Reduction of Iodonium Salts, Shawn M. Dirk, Patent # 7,550,071, issued 6/26/09

MRegenerable Particulate Filter, James E. Miller, John Stuecker, Joseph Cearano, Patent # 7,527,671, issued 5/5/09

Method to Analyze Remotely Sensed Spectral Data, Christopher L. Stork and Mark H. Van Benthem, Patent # 7,491,944, issued 2/17/09

Preparation of Hydrophobic Coatings, Eric D. Branson, Patent #7,485,343 issued 2/3/09

Method for Exploiting Biasis in Factor Analysis Using Constrained Alternating Least Squares Algorithms, Michael R. Keenan, Patent # 7,472,153, issued 12/30/08

Fast Combinatorial Algorithm for the Solution of Linearly Constrained Least Squares Problems, Mark H. Van Benthem, Michael R. Keenan, Patent #7,451,173, issued 11/11/08

Methods and Apparatus for Creating a Topography at a Surface, Mike Sinclair, Patent #7,449,699, issued 11/11/08

Method of Manufacturing Micro-Disperse Particles of Sodium Borohydrude, Nelson Bell, Patent # 7,427,302, issued 9/23/08

Biological Preconcentrator, Bruce Bunker, Patent # 7,422,724, issued 9/9/08

Non-Contact Handling Device, Mark Reece, Jerry Knorovsky, Danny MacCallum, Patent # 7,216,821, issued 5/15/07

Spatial Compression Algorithm for the Analysis of Very Large Multivariate Images, Michael Keenan, Patent # 7,400,772, issue 7/15/08

Dendritic Metal Nanostructures, John Shelnutt, Yujiang Song, Patent # 7,374,599, issued 5/20/08

Water-Splitting Using Photocatalytic Porphyrin-Nanotube Composite Devices, John Shelnutt, James Miller, Patent # 7,338,590, issued 3/4/08

Stationary Phase Deposition Based on Onium Salts, Shawn Dirk, Patent # 7,314,505, issued 1/1/08

Encapsulating Nanoparticles in a Zeolite Matrix, Eric Coker, Patent # 7,306,780, issued 12/11/07

Method of Generating Hydrogen Gas from Sodium Borohydride, Nelson Bell, Patent # 7,306,780, issued 12/11/07

Spectral Compression Algorithms for the Analysis of Very Large Multivariate Images, Michael Keenan, Patent # 7,283,684, issued 10/16/07

Titanium Alkoxide Compound, Timothy Boyle, Patent # 7,256,290, issued 8/14/07

Method for Synthesizing Thin Film Electrodes, Timothy Boyle, Patent # 7,189,428, issued 3/13/07

A Method for Determining the Electrode Immersion Depth in an Electroslag Remelting Furnace, David Melgaard, Patent # 7,180,931, issued 2/20/07

Method for Controlling Brazing, F. Michael Hosking, Patent # 7,064,366, issued 8/1/06

Long-Working Distance Incoherent Interference Microscope, Michael Sinclair, Patent #7,034,271, issued 4/25/06

Method for Making a Bio-Compatible Scaffold, Joseph Cesarano, Jennifer Dellinger, Patent # 6,993,406, issued 1/31/06

Method for Die Design and Powder Pressing, Kevin Ewsuk, Patent # 6,993,463, issued 1/31/06

Synthesis Metal Nanoparticle, Timothy Boyle, Patent # 6,929,675, issued 8/16/05

Augmented Classical Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis, David Melgaard, Patent #6,922,645, issued 7/26/05

Tailored Ink for Piston Driven Electrostatic Liquid Drop Modulator, Kevin Zavadil, Patent #6,881,250, issued 4/19/05

Method for Making One-Container Rigid Foam, James Aubert, Patent # 6,878,752, issued 4/12/05

Method of Using Triaxial Magnetic Fields for Making Particle Structures,  Robert A. Anderson, Rodney Williamson, Patent 6,844,378, issued 1/18/05

Augmented Classical Least Squares Multivariate Spectral Analysis, David Haaland, David Melgaard, Patent # 6,842,702, issued 1/11/05

Method of Making Thermally Removable Adhesives, James Aubert, Patent # 6,825,315, issued 11/30/04

Parallel-Plate Heat Pipe Apparatus Having a Shaped Wick Structure, Charles Robino, Mark Reece, Patent # 6,827,134, issued 12/7/04

Photo-Definable Self-Assembled Materials, Jeff Brinker, Hongyou Fan, Dhaval Doshi, Alan Hurd, Patent 6,808,867, issued 10/26/04

Solar Selective Absorption Coatings, Carol Ashley, Patent # 6,783,653, issued 8/31/04

Self-Powered Microthermionic Converter, Kevin Zavadil, Patent # 6,774,532, issued 8/10/04


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