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Polymer Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization

Advanced Materials Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratories has extensive experience in all aspects of polymer synthesis (e.g., ionic, radical, atom transfer, group transfer, ROMP, emulsion) and characterization (compositional, molecular weight, thermophysical, surface area, electrical, and optical).


Our program is directed toward engineering these materials to impart optimal physical and electrical properties. Companion modeling efforts provide predictive capabilities and extensive characterization techniques to elucidate polymer structure and thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties. We have frequent interactions with U.S. industries with interest in these new materials.


Advanced Materials Laboratory

Microelectronic chip encapsulated in non-shrinking sol-gel copolymer.

Surfaces and Interfaces:





Advanced Materials Laboratory

Electronic microchip potted in removable polyurethane encapsulant.

Encapsulants and Coatings:


Films for Electronics:




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