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Data Acquisition and Instrument Control

Data Aqcuisition

Automated computer-based data acquisition and instrument control is an effective way to significantly improve both the efficiency of laboratory experimentation and the quality of the resulting data. We now have 10+ years of experience creating integrated software and hardware solutions for a wide variety of experimental configurations. In addition to handling traditional data, we can also provide automated video capture and image processing from machine vision systems. Our capability base now allows us to develop and implement solutions to new customer requests in a very cost and time-effective manner. These solutions are created to be robust, reliable, expandable, and have a good, easy to use interface.

Data Aqcuisition

This active user interface is part of a software
package that controls an atmospheric
corrosion chamber.

Computer interfacing to instrumentation can best be accomplished by using LabVIEW. LabVIEW is a modern, graphically-based, cross platform (PC, Mac, and UNIX), software development environment that specifically targets instrumentation. Software development is typically completed 4 to 10 times faster than using other development environments. Also, prototyping of user interfaces can be easily accomplished. A wide variety of instrument drivers are available for common equipment to aid in completing the computer/instrument interface.

Applications: Our capabilities can be applied to any test or measurement system that is operated manually, any data acquisition system written in an older language such as Hewlett Packard (HP) Basic, and as a replacement for canned software solutions that are often inflexible or become outdated. Software solutions can be created to address complex control issues and also provide seamless integration of data and video acquisition and analysis.

Data Aqcuisition

Automation improves process quality
(stability of input parameters).

Benefits: Instrument control:

Automated data acquisition:

Data Aqcuisition

Data/image acquisition and image processing
system to quantify dynamic friction of
surface micromachines

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