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recent awards 2009 R&D 100 award winners: R&D Magazine announced the winners of the R&D 100 Awards Monday, which included five Sandia teams. The awards salute the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year, according to the magazine’s website. The Sandia submissions chosen this year, with the principal points of contact, are:

  • John Shelnutt (1815): NanoCoral Dendritic Platinum Nanostructures - NanoCoral™ dendritic platinum nanostructures, an innovative nanotechnology for producing platinum catalysts.
    NanoCoral™ dendritic platinum nanostructures. This innovative nanotechnology for producing platinum catalysts offers unique control over the shape, size, porosity, composition, stability and other functional properties of platinum nanostructures compared with those achieved by existing methodologies. Novel catalysts and electrocatalysts produced by the Sandia approach are expected to significantly reduce platinum metal usage and thus the cost of platinum catalysts in fuel cells, solar cells and other applications in the renewable energy sector.

Joe Michael
is the the recipient of the Microbeam Analysis Society's Presidental Science Award

Shawn Dirk was selected as a Young Industrial Investigator at the Young Industrial Investigators Symposium

Danny MacCallum and Jerry Knorovsky were recognized for their poster, "Iso-intensity Contours vs. Power for a 500 W Nd:YAG Laser". The poster was awarded first place in the professional/commercial category.

Sandia wins three R&D 100 awards - Superhydrophobic Coating submitted by Jeff Brinker and his group wins one of the awards.

Saundra Monroe earned an individual NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence for exceptional leadership to ensure W76-1 material and processing issues are effectively addressed and critical project milestones are satisfied.

Erik D. Spoerke and Bonnie McKenzie won First Place at the Science as Art Competition at the 2006 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

Brad Boyce and Richard Grant won Second Place at the Science as Art Competition at the 2006 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

Best Paper Awards

recent awards Mark Rodriguez David P. Adams and Ralph Tissot, 57th Annual Denver X-ray Conference awarded Best Paper for their paper titled "Determination of Activation Energy of Intermixing in Textured Metal-Metal Multilayer Films Via Two-Dimensional X-ray Diffraction.", 2009

Rod Williamson, Dave Melgaard, and Greg Shelmidine, The American Vacuum Society awarded Best Paper for their paper titled "Dynamic Melt Rate Control On A Laboratory Scale VAR Furnace Without Load Cell Feedback", 2001

Mike Hosking, Jill Glass, John Stephens, and Paul Vianco, American Welding Society's Robert L. Peaslee Brazing Award, 2001 for "Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Actively Brazed Alumina Tensile Specimens"

Professional Society Fellows

International Centre for Diffaction Data
recent awards Mark Rodriguez

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
recent awardsMike Dugger

American Ceramic Society
recent awardsS. Jill Glass
Ron Loehman
Bruce Tuttle

American Physical Society
recent awardsMark J. Stevens
Stephen Foiles

ASM International (formerly American Society for Metals)
Somuri Prasad
Mike Hosking
Liz Holm

American Society for Testing & Materials
Bill Hammetter

American Welding Society
Jerry Knorovsky
Charles Robino
Mike Hosking

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
Somuri Prasad





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