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About Materials Science

The Materials Science and Engineering Center at Sandia National Laboratories provides the knowledge of materials structure, properties, and performance and the processes to produce, transform, and analyze materials to ensure mission success for our customers and partners, both internal and external to the laboratories.

Scientifically Engineered Materials:
We develop new and novel materials with defined properties or performance characteristics to meet our mission requirements. Scientific advancements are needed to understand how materials properties and performance under specified conditions depend on composition, microstructure, and preparation.

Materials Processing:
We provide the knowledge base needed to understand, characterize, model, and ultimately control materials fabrication technologies that are critical to component development and production. New processing technologies, especially at the nano-and micro-scale, are being developed to support future needs.

Complete Center 1800 Mission Statement.

MissionMaterials Science Capabilities
Our materials science capabilities range from Electronic, Optical Materials, Failure Analysis, Thin Films and Coatings, Nanostructured Materials, Ceramic Synthesis and Processing, and Catalysis and Reaction Processes to name a few.

armyMaterials Science Research & Accomplishments
Our Materials Science accomplishments range from Quarterly Technologist Awards, Professional Society Fellows, and Best Paper Awards. More information is available on the awards in these categories:

Last Modified: May 26, 2010