David Douglass

Deputy Labs Director

David Douglass

As the Deputy Labs Director for Sandia National Laboratories, David Douglass provides leadership, oversight, management direction, and execution to implement the Labs Director's strategic vision for safe, secure operations at Sandia.

Dave's pre-Sandia career includes 35 years working in national security, commercial aerospace, and defense businesses. At Honeywell, he served as Vice President - Boeing Business ($700 million/year, 13 locations); Vice President - Space, Missiles & Munitions ($1 billion/year, 6 locations); and Vice President - Marketing and Product Management ($4 billion product line, 12,000 staff, 30 locations globally).

Dave spent most of the first 23 years of his career in a variety of engineering and management roles at the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Kansas City Plant (now known as the Kansas City National Security Campus), serving as President of the plant from 2001 to 2004. Under his leadership, the Kansas City Plant was recognized for implementation of commercial processes and meeting commitments, earning Honeywell recognition as NNSA's top-rated contractor, with ISO 9001/14001 certifications and Voluntary Protection Program STAR status. While at the Kansas City Plant, Dave collaborated frequently with Sandia and other National Security Enterprise sites.

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