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Electricity Storage

NAS Battery Manufactured by NGK for American Electric Power

SNL has a broad technical base of battery expertise focusing on integrated storage systems. These systems operate within varying environments and electrical conditions, and many different types of battery technologies. Each technology has advantages under specific operational conditions.

It is important to understand the capabilities and limitations of each storage technology. SNL performs R&D and/or data analysis on all these technologies.

Detailed Energy Storage technology descriptions can be found on the Energy Storage Association (ESA) website for the following categories of energy storage:

  • › Solid State Batteries - A range of electrochemical storage solutions, including advanced chemistry batteries and capacitors
  • › Flow Batteries - Batteries in which the energy is stored directly in the electrolyte solution for longer cycle life, and quick response times
  • › Flywheels - Mechanical devices that harness rotational energy to deliver instantaneous electricity
  • › Compressed Air Energy Storage - Utilizing compressed air to create a potent energy reserve
  • › Thermal - Capturing heat and cold to create energy on demand
  • › Pumped Hydro-Power - Creating large-scale reservoirs of energy with water