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DOE OE Energy Storage Systems (ESS) — Energy Storage Safety - Questions and Answers

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Submitted Questions and Answers

Are comments welcome on the Strategic Plan?

Submitted by Amanda Spinney
June 16, 2014

Q: Would you like to receive comments on the outline/scope of the DOE OE Strategic Plan?

A: Definitely. This is an iterative process with which we would like the community to engage. Please feel free to email us directly with comments, or with areas you think we should highlight and include in the plan.

What is the timeline for action on the plan?

Submitted by Amanda Spinney
June 16, 2014

A: The plan development will be over the next few months. There are a couple of activities immediately underway (please reference slide 5, "Path Forward from the Workshop"). One activity will be a set of workshops or webinars to disseminate the information, as well as online resources. One of the questions raised at the workshop was "What are the current codes, standards and regulations, as well as best practices, for energy storage safety?" We have already begun collecting that information so that we can provide it in a database to the community. This will be a continually-updated resource that the community can reference. In terms of the overall scope of the roadmap, this will be a multi-year roadmap. At this point, we are speculating on how far out it will look

How can such policy makers reference/engage in the outputs of this work?

Submitted by Amanda Spinney
June 16, 2014

A: The intent will be to have these forums and webinars where we can bring the community together and foster direct communication about the needs, policies and what is being done. That is our intent on how we will engage the community. We will bring together the policy writers from the customer side and the industry from the production side of these storage systems.

Will you work with utilities and EPRI in this effort and specifically with EPRI Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC)?

Submitted by Amanda Spinney
June 16, 2014

A: We are working to engage the entire community in this document. It is nominally a DOE OE Strategic Plan. We will take input directly from the community and have that discussion, but it is a slightly different document that has been done before with Sandia and other agencies. Ultimately it will be Imre guiding that. My understanding is that, as it is a DOE OE Strategic Plan, they will be the issuing agency. It is critical for the use of this document to have input from all stakeholders, in particular EPRI.