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DOE OE Energy Storage Safety - Past Events

  • › Towards a Strategic Plan for Energy Storage Safety (MP4, 48 mb)
  • › DOE OE Energy Storage Safety Workshop -- Dr. Imre Gyuk funded the DOE OE Energy Storage Safety Workshop to address energy storage safety. It was held in Albuquerque, NM, in February 2014, and was co-hosted by Sandia National Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This workshop proactively addressed the critical need for validated safety by gathering together thought leaders from the Energy Storage industry. Thought leaders in the fields of deployment, operation, regulation, first response, manufacturing, and research and development identified the challenges and roadblocks for the validation and advancement of safety in energy storage. Through discussions spanning research to grid-level deployment, the workshop clearly defined the current challenges to safety validation and provided a clear implementable plan for how to efficiently address these critical issues.