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EESAT 2017 Conference with Proceeding Downloads


Available presentations from the 2017 EESAT Conference can be downloaded by clicking the presentation title below. For more information on EESAT 2017, visit the event website.

Wednesday, October 11

State of Energy Storage Industry Matt Roberts, Energy Storage Association
Invited Speaker Dr. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, University of New South Wales
Invited Speaker Joydeep Mitra, Michigan State University
Session #1: Advanced/Applied Materials Presentations
Chemically Mediated Redox Flow Batteries for Modular, High Power Energy Storage Leo Small, Sandia National Laboratories
Screening of Alkaline Zinc Battery Seperators using Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Jonathan Duay, Sandia National Laboratories
Hybrid Energy Storage: Charging a Battery Within 3 Minutes Sergeii Tychina, Yunaasko Unlimited
Sodium-Based Batteries: Toward Meeting Next Generation Challenges in Grid-Scale Energy Storage Erik Spoerke, Sandia National Laboratories
Materials and Chemistry Development for Novel Redox Flow Batteries Wei Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Session #2/3: Power Electronics
GaN based High Frequency Inverter for Energy Storage Applications Mehdi Ferdowsi, InnoCit LLC
A Power Dense Advanced Power Inverter (API) for Grid Tied Energy Supplies Bruce Pilvelait, Creare LLC
Reliability Characterization of Vertical GaN PiN Diodes Robert Kaplar, Sandia National Laboratories
SiC Switches for Grid Tied Energy Storage Power Electronics Ranbir Sign. GeneSic
Energy Storage PCS Requirements: A Battery Manufacturers Perspective Dave Ridley, UniEnergy Technologies
Session #4: Special Applications Presentations
Genitor Based Energy Management System for Remote Microgrids Considering Battery Lifetime Reinaldo Tonoski, South Dakota State University
Integrated Energy Harvesting for Wearable Battery Charging Gregory Nichols, Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center
Zero-Emission Energy Storage for Electric Vehicles Zach Jones, Freshwater Energy
Bounds of Supercapacitor Open-Circuit Voltage Change After Constant Power Experiments Hengzhao Yang, Californai State University, Long Beach
Session #5:Demonstrations and Deployment Project Presentations
Hybrid Thermal and Electrical Energy Storage System Stephane Bilodeau, Novacab Inc.
Fast Response Flywheel Energy Storage Technology for Virtual Power Plants and Microgrids Rainer Vor Dem Esche, Stornetic GmbH
Hybrid Power Generation for Improved Fuel Efficiency and Performance James Kersey, Czero
Evaluating the Technical Performance and Economic Opportunity Associated with Energy Storage Projects Funded by the Washington State Clean Energy Fund Patrick Balducci, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Thursday, October 12

Invited Speaker Tom Bialek, San Diego Gas & Electric
Invited Speaker Giovanni Damato, Electric Power Research Institute
Session #6: Validated Safety & Reliability / Guidelines, Standards, and Protocols
Update on and Overview of Model Codes and Standards for Energy Storage System Safety David Conover, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Determining the internal pressure in 18650 format lithium batteries under thermal abuse Frank Mier, New Mexico Tech
An Overview of Tools to Facilitate Documenting and Validating the Safety of an Energy Storage System Installation Pam Cole, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Computer modeling to understand and prevent initial and cascading thermal runaway John Hewson, Sandia National Laboratories
Session #7: Energy Storage Valuation, Modeling, and Financing Tutorial
Fundamentals of Energy Storage Valuation Ray Byrne, Sandia National Laboratories                                         Patrick Balducci, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The Value Proposition for Energy Storage in CAISO Ray Byrne, Sandia National Laboratories
Optimal Control for Battery Storage Using Nonlinear Models Di Wu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Storage VET Tutorial Giovanni Damato, Electric Power Research Institute
Energy Storage Financing: A Roadmap for Accelerating Market Growth Richard Baxter, Mustang Prairie Energy
Session #8: Controls Presentations
Single-Phase Battery-Buffered Smart Load Controller Jing Zhang, Department of Systems Engineering, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Battery dispatching optimization in stacked energy storage applications for utility grid Antonio (Shijie) Tong, University of California San Diego
Power System Damping Control via Current Injections from Distributed Energy Storage David Copp, Sandia National Laboratories
Controlling Energy Storage Systems: Lessons Learned from the Washington Clean Energy Fund Demonstration Projects Jan Alam, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Session #9: Enhancing Regulatory Equity and Markets
Trajectory of Storage Displacing and Replacing Conventional Generation Michael Jacobs, Union of Concerned Scientists
Continuous-time Scheduling and Pricing of Energy Storage in Electricity Markets Operation Masood Parvania, University of Utah
Technology assessment of stationary electricity storage technologies for different system and time scales Xiaojin Zhang, Paul Scherrer Institute
The Regulatory Challenge with Resiliency: How Energy Storage’s Resiliency Potential Fits Regulatory Structures Rebecca O’Neil, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory           Elaine Prause, Oregon Public Utilities Commission
Session #10: Microgrids
Using Data to Right-Size Energy Storage Asher Simmons, Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Energy Storage in Microgrids: Challenges, Applications, and Research Needed Hamidreza Nazaripouya, University of California, Los Angeles


Friday, October 13

View photos taken during the tour of a 47MW peak load microgrid at the Center for Energy Research on the UCSD campus.