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Flow Battery System Design for Manufacturability


Flow battery energy storage systems can support renewable energy generation and increase energy efficiency. But, presently, the costs of flow battery energy storage systems can be a significant barrier for large-scale market penetration. For cost-effective systems to be produced, it is critical to optimize the selection of materials and components simultaneously with the adherence to requirements and manufacturing processes to allow these batteries and their manufacturers to succeed in the market by reducing costs to consumers.

This report analyzes performance, safety, and testing requirements derived from applicable regulations as well as commercial and military standards that would apply to a flow battery energy storage system. System components of a zinc-bromine flow battery energy storage system, including the batteries, inverters, and control and monitoring system, are discussed relative to manufacturing. The issues addressed include costs and component availability and lead times. A service and support model including setup, maintenance and transportation is outlined, along with a description of the safety-related features of the example flow battery energy storage system to promote regulatory and environmental, safety, and health compliance in anticipation of scale manufacturing.


Mesa Del Sol Battery Energy Storage System


Project will install GS Battery Energy Storage System to an existing 17kW PV system at Forest City, Mesa del Sol headquarters/commercial office building in Albuquerque, NM. The BESS will consist of three GS Yuasa Japanese inverters and two 32 cell nano carbon enhanced lead acid battery storage systems.