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Events Archive 2008

2008 DOE Peer Review Meeting on Energy Storage

The FY08 Peer Review Meeting for the DOE Energy Storage and Power Electronics Program (ESPE) was held in Washington DC on Sept. 29-30, 2008. Current and completed program projects were presented and reviewed by a group of industry professionals.

The 2008 agenda was composed of 28 projects that covered a broad range of new and ongoing, state-of-the-art, energy storage and power electronics technologies, including updates on the collaborations among DOE/ESPE, CEC in California, and NYSERDA in New York.

Highlights of the meeting are available online; and all 28 project presentations can be viewed in their entirety on the DOE and Sandia ESS web site.

Information about EESAT 2009 (Oct. 4-7) is also available at the EESAT 2009 site

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