Large Scale ESS Fire Protection

Energy storage technology development and deployment are dynamic and in the absence of prescriptive safety criteria (e.g. codes/standards). Full scale testing of energy storage systems (ESS) performance under fire conditions may be the only way to ascertain the acceptability of an ESS installation. Currently there is no uniform set of procedures to use in conducting fire testing of ESS and reporting on the fire-related performance of the ESS. However, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is preparing to release a draft standard for this purpose. The proposed task force will review and contribute to this draft standard on “best practices” for conducting uniform and repeatable large scale ESS fire tests and reporting the results from those tests. This standard will include but not necessarily be limited to standardization of fire test conditions, placement of the ESS, measurement specifications, and reporting criteria. It is intended to provide an accurate basis for the comparison of different ESSs for various stationary applications and most importantly providing a basis for documenting and assessing the risks of an ESS installation in the absence of, or as an alternative to, prescriptive criteria in safety codes and standards.


The task force will develop and provide specific, detailed input to the draft standard under development by UL. This will include helping to develop a set of test, measurement, and evaluation criteria with which one could compare the fire-safety related performance of an ESS. The scope of the standard itself will be included here when it is made available.

Anticipated Milestones and Approximate Timeline

The Task Force, working with PNNL and Sandia staff, will coordinate detailed input to UL’s standards development process. As such the timeline will depend on UL’s schedule. The draft standard was expected to be available in late August 2017. Comment deadlines, as well as the overall timeline for the process, are normally released along with the report. This site will include a link to how to apply to join the UL technical committee when this link is available.


If you are interested in participating in this task group, please send an email to: