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Energy-Water, Western Region Needs Workshop

DATE: January 10-11, 2006 (arrive January 9th)
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, UT
VENUE: Hilton Salt Lake City Airport

Executive Summary & Supporting Documents

Workshop Presentations
Western Workshop Overview
Ron Pate [pdf, 3.5mb]
Western Workshop Roadmapping Process
Conrad Mulligan [pdf, 104kb]
Reclamation, Managing Water in the West
Michael R. Gabaldon [pdf, 8.5mb]
Electric Power/Water Sustainability
Robert Goldstein [pdf, 2.7mb]
Water Use at Fossil Fuel Power Plants in the Arid West
Susan Innis [pdf, 4.5mb]
California Water - Energy Issues
Martha Krebs [pdf, 2.3mb]
Water Conserving Cooling Status and Needs
John S. Maulbetsch [pdf, 2.2mb]
Water and Energy Tradeoffs in Western Irrigated Agriculture
Norman Whittlesey [pdf, 552kb]

Participant Feedback and Follow-On Information
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Agenda and Workshop Format

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Ronald C. Pate
  Sandia National Laboratories, Western Region Workshop Lead
M. Michael Hightower
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Lead, Project Lead
Goldie M. Piatt
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Coordinator
Ronald C. Pate
Western Region Workshop Lead

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