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Energy-Water Roadmap Regional Needs Assessment Workshop Overview

Currently, electric power generation accounts for the largest single sector withdrawal of fresh water in the U.S. As demands for water continues to increase in other sectors such as agriculture and commerce and industry, these competing demands for water could significantly impact the reliability and security of electric power generation. To help address these growing concerns, Congress has directed the Department of Energy to initiate an Energy-Water Roadmap effort to help identify major regional and national issues and needs that must be addressed to support a long-term sustainable supply of water to support electric power generation and energy production in the U.S.

As technical coordinator of the Energy-Water Roadmap Program, Sandia National Laboratories is responsible for organizing the efforts of three regional needs assessment workshops in the western, central, and eastern U.S. Each Regional Needs Assessment Workshop will include experts from national, state, tribal, and local governments, universities, private industry, and non-government organizations to review regional water and energy use trends and identify emerging major energy and water needs and issues. The participants will also be asked to suggest improvements or changes in energy and water technology application, natural resource management, and natural resource use policies that could be implemented to help ensure reliability, secure, and sustainable energy supplies.

The workshops will take place in the following cities:

Regions Map
Click on thumbnail to see large US map that defines the three workshop regions.

Central Region Workshop - Kansas City, Missouri
Hilton Kansas City Airport
November 15-16, 2005

Eastern Region Workshop - Baltimore, Maryland
Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
December 13-14, 2005

Western Region Workshop - Salt Lake City, Utah
Hilton Salt Lake City Airport
January 10-11, 2006

Each Regional Workshop will begin with a review of evolving issues and trends over energy and water resource needs projected availability and issues and will include an overview of the Energy-Water Roadmap Program. Each regional workshop will be devoted to targeted discussions focusing on the following regional issues and topics:

  • Regional Energy-Water interdependencies,
  • Regional trends and issues in energy and water use and production,
  • Future major competing demands for water in each region, and
  • Identification of the major regional gaps and issues in water and energy technology development and possible policy impacts on future energy supply reliability, security, and sustainability.

Roadmap Team
M. Michael Hightower
  Sandia National Laboratories, Water for Energy Project Lead
Jacquelynne Hernandez
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Lead, Eastern Region
Clifford K. Ho
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Lead, Central Region
Ronald C. Pate
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Lead, Western Region
Goldie M. Piatt
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Coordinator
Conrad Mulligan
  McNeil Technologies, Inc., Workshops Facilitator
Marilyn O'Leary
  Utton Transboundary Resources Center
  University of New Mexico Law School
Susan Kelly
  Utton Transboundary Resources Center
  University of New Mexico Law School
Jim McMahon
  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mike Hightower
Water for Energy Project Lead

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