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Energy-Water Roadmap Executive Committee

Nick Woodward, DOE/SC
Sam Baldwin, DOE/EERE
Terry Surles, VP Environment EPRI
Dave Michaud, WE Energies
Mike Parker, Exxon Mobil
Fred Butler, Commissioner - New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Manian Ramesh, VP R&D Nalco
Rob Renner, Director - American Water Works Association Research Foundation
Wade Miller, Director - Water Reuse Foundation
Henry Vaux, Assoc. VP Ag and Natural Resources Univ. California Berkeley
Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute
Gerry Stokes, Director - Global Change Research, Battelle Memorial
John Braden, University of Illinois - Natural Resource Economics
David Lester, Director, Council of Energy Resource Tribes
Rochelle Araujo, EPA
Bob Hirsch, USGS
Jan Miller, Corps of Engineers
Mike Gabaldon, Bureau of Reclamation
Gene Whitney, White House - Office of Science and Technology Policy
Diane Shea, Director - National Association of State Energy Officials
Mike Hightower
Water for Energy Project Lead

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