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Energy-Water, Eastern Region Needs Workshop

DATE: December 13-14, 2005 (arrive December 12th)
LOCATION: Baltimore MD
VENUE: Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

Executive Summary & Supporting Documents

Offical Greetings
U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici Statement [pdf, 83kb]
U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman Statement [pdf, 224kb]
A Message from Mayor Martin O'Malley

Workshop Abstracts
Peter G. Demakos, Niagara Blower Company [doc, 40kb]
Jim Hook, University of Georgia [doc, 32kb]
Kenneth D. Kimball, Appalachian Mountain Club [doc, 28kb]
Edward J. Linky, USEPA Region II [doc, 36kb]
Paul F. Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia Water Research Institute [doc, 36kb]

Workshop Presentations
Eastern Workshop Overview
Jacquelynne Hernandez [pdf, 3.6mb]
Water (Resource) Conservation Using Closed-Loop, Evaporative Cooling Systems for Power Plant Applications
Peter G. Demakos [pdf, 4.8mb]
Water & Base-Load Generation
Paul H. Genoa [pdf, 452kb]
Irrigation Water & Power Development in the East
Jim Hook [pdf, 1.3mb]
Municipal Scale Integrated Energy System Models
Edward J. Linky [pdf, 2.2mb]
Potential for Using Mine Water to Supply Generating Stations
Paul Ziemkiewicz [pdf, 1.1mb]

Participant Feedback and Follow-On Information
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Agenda and Workshop Format

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Jacquelynne Hernandez
  Sandia National Laboratories, Eastern Region Workshop Lead
M. Michael Hightower
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Lead, Project Lead
Goldie M. Piatt
  Sandia National Laboratories, Workshop Coordinator
Jacquelynne Hernandez
Eastern Region Workshop Lead

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