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Mode Stirred Chamber

Mode Stirred Chamber



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Mode Stirred Chamber

The Mode Stirred chamber is essentially a large microwave oven. It consists of a metal room that serves as a high-Q chamber and a metal paddle wheel to "stir" the chamber modes. Mixing the modes in this manner allows test objects, in a single orientation to be exposed to EM energy in many different angles of incidence and polarization.

Electronic susceptibility tests can be performed, or test object electromagnetic transfer functions can be determined through measurements of shielding effectiveness, and cable effective height. Electric fields inside the chamber are monitored by 4 monopole antennae. Testing can be performed on six customer data channels at one time, up to 40 GHz, with the spectrum analyzers.

Performance Characteristics for Mode
Stirred Chamber Test Facility

4 x 7 x 11 m (HxWxL)
Welded Aluminum
Entrance dimensions
3.7 m x 3.7 m
0.22 - 40 GHz
Input Power
Solid State and TWT amplifiers
1000 W, 220 MHz - 18 GHz


40W, 18 GHz - 40 GHz
Field strength
~3000-9000 V/m peak, 220 MHz - 18 GHz
~600 V/m peak, 18 - 40 GHz