Call for Papers

Single Page Abstract
Deadline (extended) : March 5, 2009

The EESAT Organizing Committee urges all interested individuals and organizations
to submit a one-page abstract of a formal paper to be considered
for presentation at the conference.

Guidelines for Abstract

At EESAT2009, international technical and commercial experts will present and discuss the latest developments in the use of electrical energy storage technologies in the power industry, high tech manufacturing, and the digital economy.

Attendees will address the full range of electrical energy technologies, including advanced and conventional battery energy storage, super capacitors, SMES, flywheels, compressed air (CAES), pumped hydro…and more.  Both technical and economic papers from international sources will be presented.

Papers for presentation at EESAT 2009 will be chosen by the Committee from all one-page abstracts submitted by the posted deadline.

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Questions? Contact: EESAT 2009 Information (
Dan Borneo, EESAT Conf. Mgr. ( or 505-284-9880 (USA)

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