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Call for Papers

This Fifth Conference on Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT 2005), sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), and the Electricity Storage Association (ESA), is intended for the dissemination of papers on specific electrical energy storage technologies and applications, with an emphasis on the latest commercial developments for the use of electricity storage in the power industry.

EESAT 2005 will address the full range of electrical energy technologies, including conventional and advanced battery energy storage, electro-chemical capacitors, SMES, flywheels, CAES and pumped hydro.

Both technical and economic papers from international sources will be presented.

The Final Agenda for this year's Conference is currently being concluded and will be posted soon to this site.

Requirements for Conference Papers and Presentations:

  First Abstract   Due: May 31, 2005    
  Second (Extended) Abstract   Due: September 6, 2005    
  Electronic Presentation   Due: October 1, 2005    
  Final Paper   Due: October 16 (at Conference)    

EESAT 2005 Information
Georgianne Peek or 505-844-9855 (USA)

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