EESAT 2003

October 27-29, 2003
San Francisco, CA


Monday, October 27, 2003

9:15 am - 10:45 am

Co-Chairs: Terry Surles: CEC; John D. Boyes: SNL

Complimentary Roles State and Federal Agencies in Energy Development
Terry Surles: CEC

Applications and Markets for Electricity Storage in California
Joe Iannucci, Jim Eyer: DUA

A Systems Model for Sizing and Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Opportunities
Al Ingram: BPA

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Energy Storage Technologies for Long- and Short-Duration Applications
Susan Schoenung: Longitude 122 West, Inc.; William Hassenzahl: Advanced Energy Analysis

10:00 am - 12:35 pm

System Comparisons
Chair: Mike Hoffman: BPA

Application of Energy Storage Devices at AEP  
David Nichols, Ali Nourai, Harry Vollkommer: AEP

Assessment of Alternatives to Lead-Acid Substation Batteries
Steve Eckroad: EPRI; Tom Key: EPRI/PEAC

A Fundamental Look at Energy Storage Focusing Primarily on Flywheels and Superconducting Energy Storage
Kent Davey, Robert Hebner: Univ. of Texas

Energy Storage Handbook for T&D Applications: A Standardized Approach
Steve Eckroad: EPRI; Imre Gyuk: DoE/ESS; Dan Mears: Technology Insights

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

Advanced Flywheels
Chair: Fred Schwartz: San Francisco PUC

Successes and Opportunity in High Speed Flywheel Development
Donald Bender: AFS Trinity Power Corporation

Advanced NAS Battery System
Akiyasu Okuno, Makoto Kamibayashi, & Kouji Tanaka, Tokyo Electric Power Co. 

Test, Analysis, and Scale-up of a 1-kWh Flywheel Rotor Design
A.C. Day, P.E. Johnson, M.D. Higgins, M. Strasik, J. Mittleider, J. Edwards, J.R. Schindler, K.E. McCrary, R.A. Hawkins: Boeing Phantom Works; C. Bakis, A. Sharma: Penn. State Univ.

3d CR KEMA Three Dimensional, Counter Rotation, Kinetic, Electro-Mechanical Accumulator
Mario Gottfried: Ermita Ixtapalapz 466

3:00 pm - 5:05 pm

Compressed Air Systems
Chair: Fred Schwartz: San Francisco PUC

True Cost of Cycling Enhances the Value of Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems (CAES)
G. Paul Grimsrud, Steven A. Lefton , Philip M. Besuner: Aptech Engineering Services, Inc.

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Fits Today's Market Requirements
Rolf Althaus, Karl Wiederhold: ALSTOM Ltd.; Jean-Pierre Rickli: JPR Concepts & Innovation; Burkhard Roemhild: ALSTOM Power Inc.

Energy Storage Options for Central Illinois
Jason Makansi: ESC; Septimus van der Linden: Brulin Associates; Kent Schien: Innoventor Engineering Inc.

New Compressed Air Energy Storage Concept can Improve the Profitability of Existing Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle, Wind Energy, and Landfill Gas Combustion, Turbine-Based Power Plants
Michael Nakhamkin: ESPC, Inc.; Ronald H. Wolk: WITS; Sep van der Linden: BRULIN Associates, LLC; Ron Hall, Dale Bradshaw: TVA

Economic Value of Compressed Air Energy Storage in Conjunction with Large Scale Wind in McCamey
Nisha Desai, Dave Pemberton: Ridge Energy Storage




Tuesday, October 28, 2003

8:35 am - 10:15 am (Concurrent Sessions)

Power Electronics
Co-Chairs: Imre Gyuk: DoE/ESS; Brad Roberts: S&C Electric

Efficient Utilization of Battery Energy Storage Utilizing a Multilevel Converter StatCom
Y. Cheng, C. Qian, M. L. Crow: Univ. of Missouri; Stan Atcitty: SNL

High Power Energy Storage System Application Using Emitter Turn-off (ETO) Thyristor
Alex Q. Huang: Virginia Poly Institute; Stanley Atcitty: SNL; Mike Ingram: TVA; Haresh Kamath: EPRI-PEAC; Patrick McGinnis: NSWCCD; Lesley Shimanek: ACI

Progress On An Optically Interconnected, Heat-Pipe Cooled, HVIGBT-Based, Mega-Watt Inverter, Building Block for DER Applications
Paul Grems Duncan, John A. Schroeder: Airak, Inc., Stanley Atcitty: SNL

High Power Energy Storage System Application Using an Emitter Turn-Off (ETO) Thyristor in a Transmission Ultracapacitor (TUCAP)
Alex Q. Huang, Bin Zhang, Yunfeng Liu, Siriroj Sirisukprasert, Josh Hawley, Xigen Zhou, Zhenxue Xu, and Hongfang Wang: Virginia Poly Institute; Stanley Atcitty: SNL; Dale Bradshaw, Mike Ingram: TVA

8:35 am - 10:15 am (Concurrent Sessions)

Technology Advances
Chair: Jim McDowall, Saft America, Inc.

Nanomaterials-Based Electrodes for High Discharge and Charge Rate Energy Storage Devices
Amit Singhal, Ganesh Skandan, Mohit Jain, Krista Martin: NEI Corporation; Glenn Amatucci, Fatima Badway: Rutgers University

High Power, Bipolar, Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery for Utility Applications
Mike Eskra, Robert Plivelich: Electro Energy, Inc.

ALABC Progress Towards Improved VRLA Battery Performance
Pat Moseley: ILZRO

Thermal Energy Storage is Electric Energy Storage
Mark M. MacCracken: Calmac Mfg.Corp.

10:30 am - 11:45 am (Concurrent Sessions)

Chair: Gerard Thijsen, KEMA T&D Consulting; James D. Cowart, TVA

2 MW, 130 kWh Flywheel Energy Storage System
Matthew Caprio, John Herbst, Robert Thelen: Univ. of Texas

Kinetic Energy Storage: Solving Problems for Power Engineers Around the World
Colin Tarrant: Urenco Power Technologies Ltd.

Giga-Joule Class of Energy Storage by Large Flywheel, Motor-Generator System
Tatsuya Matsukawa: Nagoya University; Makoto Matsukawa, Shunzo Ohmori, Tsunehisa Terakado, Yoshikazu Ohmori, Jun Okano, Katsuhiro Shimada: Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute; Taku Takaku, Shunji Tsuji-Iio, Ryuichi Shimada: Tokyo Institute of Technology

10:30 am - 11:45 am (Concurrent Sessions)

Lead Acid Battery Life Predictions
Chair: Phil Symons: ESA

Modeling of Battery Life: I. The Equivalent Circuit Model (ECM) Approach
Bor Yann Liaw, Rudolph G. Jungst, Angel Urbina, Thomas L. Paez: SNL

Evolutionary and Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network Modeling for Prediction of Battery Life
C. Yap: ACTA Incorporated; Angel Urbina, Rudolph G. Jungst: SNL; Bor Yann Liaw: Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Real Time Aging Effects on VRLA Batteries in a BESS Application
Robert J. Schmitt, George W. Hunt: GNB Industrial Power

12:45 pm - 2:25 pm

Capacitor and Super Capacitor Development and Applications
Chair: Ali Nourai: AEP

Status Report 2003 on Capacitor Storage Systems - ECaSS®
Michio Okamura: Okamura Laboratory, Inc.

Test and Evaluation of an Asymmetrical Electrochemical Capacitor
Haresh Kamath, Thomas Key: EPRI PEAC

Enhancing the Transient Loadability of Distributed Generation Using an Electro-Chemical, Capacitor-Based Energy Storage System 
Satish J. Ranade, Xin Jiang, LaxmiDeepa Terala: New Mexico State University; Nancy Clark, Stan Atcitty, John Boyes: SNL

Principle of a Hybrid Compressed Air and Supercapacitors Energy Storage System with Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking 

Sylvain Lemofouet, A. Rufer, P. Barrade, F. Grasser: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

2:50 pm - 4:05 pm (Concurrent Sessions)

Lithium Batteries
Chair: Steve Eckroad: EPRI

Development and Manufacturing of Two, 100 kW/1-Minute, Li-Ion Battery Systems for Energy Storage Applications
Dr. S. Oweis: Saft America Inc.; Leonard Lansing: SatCon Power Systems; Nancy H. Clark: SNL

Performance Characteristics of Phosphate Lithium-Ion Battery for Utility Backup Applications
Oliver Gross, John Nguyen: Valence Technology

Development of 24kWh Power Storage System Applying Li-Ion Batteries
H. Shibata1, K. Adachi: Kyushu Electric Power Co.; K. Hashizaki, H. Tajima , T. Hashimoto, T. Nishida, Y. Fujioka: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

2:25 pm - 4:05 pm (Concurrent Sessions)

Flywheels for Short Duration Events
Chair: Tom Key: EPRI-PEAC Corporation

Flywheel-Based Recycling of Electrical Energy for Grid Frequency Regulation
Matthew L. Lazarewicz, Alex Rojas: Beacon Power Corp.

Dynastore - A Flywheel Energy Storage System for Power Quality Applications in the 10 kWh Class
H. Darrelmann: RWE-Piller GmbH; W.-R. Canders, F. Laube, S.O.Siems, G. Tareilus: Technical Univ., Braunschweig; D. Roestermundt: Depa Institute for Structural Mechanics DLR

Novel Control of Flywheel Generator for Power Fluctuations Compensation
Taku Takaku, Yoshinobu Ashie, Reiji Onoe, Ryuta Hasegawa, Ryuichi Shimada1: Tokyo Institute of Technology



Wednesday, October 29, 2003

8:10 am - 10:40 am

Storage with Distributed Generation
Chair: Herb Hayden, APS

HybSim 3.3 - Hybrid Generation Model Simulator
Lumas Kendrick, Jr., Josh Pihl, Irwin Weinstock, Srikesh Sridharan: SENTECH, Inc.; Dennis Meiners: Alaska Energy Authority; David Trujillo: SNL

Complimentary Battery Energy Storage in Inverter-Based Microturbines and Fuel Cell Systems
Abbas Akhil, Tom Byrd: SNL

Lessons Learned from the PV Hybrid Battery at Grasmere, Idaho
Tom Hund: SNL

Energy Analysis of Batteries in Photovoltaic Systems
Carl Johan Rydh: Univ. of Kalmar

Coordination of Conventional System, Wind Energy Storage System and Hybrid System for A 40-Megawatt Wind Farm for Operation with the Electrical Power Grid
Ben Enis, Paul Lieberman, Irving Rubin: EnisWindGen®

Wind Energy Storage with Uncooled Compressed Air
E. F. A. Mohamed1, H. P. Beck, E. A. Wehrmann, and H.-J. Barth: Technical Univ. of Clausthal

10:55 am - 1:10 pm

Large Applications 1
Co-Chairs: Ben Norris: Gridwise Engineering Company; Anthony Price: Swanbarton Consultants

Recent Progress in Vanadium Redox-Flow Battery
Katsuji Emura: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd

Commercial Deployment of the NAS Battery in Japan
Hyogo Takami: TEPCO

Performance and Economic Analysis of the NAS Battery Demonstration at AEP (AEP)
Benjamin L. Norris: Gridwise Engineering Company; David K. Nichols: AEP; Jeffrey D. Newmiller: Endecon Engineering Company; Georgianne H. Peek: SNL

 1:10 pm - 2:00 pm

Large Applications 2
Chair: Bill Hassenzahl: Advanced Energy Analysis

The Value of Large Scale Electricity Storage 
Mark T. Kuntz, Toby Edmonds: Regenesys Technologies, Ltd.

World's Most Powerful BESS is Online and Working in Alaska
Tim De Vries: Golden Valley Electric Association

2:30 pm - 4:35 pm - Closing Session
Co-Chairs: Imre Gyuk: DoE/ESS; Phil Symons: ESA

Life-Cycle Air Emissions From Utility-Scale Energy Storage Facilities: Comparative Analysis and Policy Implications
Paul Denholm, Gerald Kulcinski: Univ. of Wisconsin

Analysis of New Energy Storage Technologies for Power Quality Solutions in the Distribution Network.
Ricardo Lopez, José P. Rasgado. Héctor G. Sarmiento: Instituto De Investigaciones Eléctricas

The Economic Value of Electricity Reliability and Power Quality
Joseph Eto: LLNL; William Brumsickle: Softswitching Technologies

Is the Cost There for The Economics? (Comparing Costs and Benefits for Energy Storage Systems)
John Boyes: SNL

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