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EESAT 2013 Masthead Image Department of Energy Sandia National Labs Energy Storage Association

2013 Peer Review

Peer Review is a programmatic review of the DOE/OE Energy Storage Program and is open to the public. The 2013 Peer Review was to be held in conjunction with the biennial Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies Conference (EESAT 2013). Peer Review had been scheduled for Oct. 24 - 25, but was cancelled due to the government shutdown.

In lieu of the 2013 Peer Review, a Bonus Day of presentations was added to the EESAT 2013 conference on Thursday, Oct. 24, in which attendees and presenters could continue discussions. The following downloads include the Bonus Day agenda and many of the presentations provided in PDF format:

The DOE/OE Energy Storage Program includes a broad and comprehensive portfolio of projects covering storage technologies (e.g., advanced batteries, flywheels, electrochemical capacitors, CAES) for utility-scale and standalone applications, power electronics research, modeling and analytical studies on reliability, performance, and economic benefits for grid integration and off-grid applications.

Highlights from previous Peer Reviews are available on the Energy Storage Program website's Conference Archives.