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EESAT 2013 Masthead Image Department of Energy Sandia National Labs Energy Storage Association

Guidance for Speakers and Poster Presenters

Those speaking at EESAT 2013 or participating in the Poster Sessions should review the following guidance and instructions and complete the necessary forms by the Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, deadline. These are available in both PDF and MS-Word file formats from the links below.

Note that speakers and presenters are still required to register for the conference and hotel. Visit the EESAT Registration page for more information. When registering, use the promotional code EESATSPK2013.

Speakers and presenters should download the forms as either MS-Word or PDF files, fill them in, then send them to the EESAT Coordinator either by e-mail or fax. For those who do not have MS-Word or Adobe Acrobat Professional with which they can fill in the forms electronically, the third option is to print the forms, fill them in by hand, and fax them to (505) 844-0968.

Both Speakers and Poster Presenters should provide the following by the Aug. 23 deadline:

  • Contact information and a brief biographical note, including a photo as specified.
  • EESAT 2013 Copyright Transfer Agreement.
  • If applicable, updates to the 2-page Abstract.

These forms and documents should be e-mailed to the EESAT 2013 Abstract Coordinator at or faxed to J. Hernandez at (505) 844-0968 by the Aug. 23 deadline.

Speaker and Presenter Deadlines

Speakers and poster presenters should provide copies of their materials to the EESAT Coordinators by the following deadlines:

Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 -- Poster Presenters: PowerPoint Slide Is Due

A PowerPoint slide is due to the EESAT Poster Audio-Visual Coordinator no later than Oct. 4, 2013.

Each poster presenter is scheduled to make a two-minute (max) summary to the plenary audience of conference attendees. All poster presenters will state his/her name and the title of the Project.

At the conference, poster presenters will be required to speak from one (1) PowerPoint slide submitted in advance. The poster slide should be simple, appealing, and inviting to encourage the other attendees to stop by for any follow up discussions or questions.

All poster presentations must be in either the PPT or PDF file format. Send electronic poster presentation files to by Friday, October 4, 2013.

Friday-Monday Oct. 4-7, 2013 -- Abstract Presenters: PowerPoint Slides Are Due

PowerPoint slides are due to the EESAT Poster Audio-Visual Coordinators no later than Monday, Oct. 7.

These represent the final drafts of the PowerPoint slides for a 20-minute interaction (15-minute talk followed by a 5-minute Question and Answer Session from audience attendees). Plan on roughly one slide per minute in the slide deck to meet the timed session.

For helpful hints on successful and engaging technical presentations, consider reviewing the Death by PowerPoint or How to Create Amazing Presentations website.

All full abstract paper presentations must be in the PPT format to advance the slides.

Send electronic full paper presentation files to both and the EESAT Coordinators from Oct. 4-7, 2013

Saturday Nov. 30, 2013 -- Abstract Presenters: Final Full Paper Is Due

The final full papers that are presented at EESAT 2013 are due to by Nov. 30, 2013.

These will be posted on the EESAT 2013 website as conference proceedings. The intent is for the body of work to serve as resources for professionals in the industry. They are limited by access with permission granted by the conference administrators.

Send the full paper to by Nov. 30, 2013.

EESAT 2011 Poster Session

All photography is by Stacey Trappman.