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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are there posters at this year's EESAT Conference?

This year the EESAT Conference will feature approximately twenty (20) poster presentations on Monday and Tuesday because of the overwhelming response to the "Call for Papers."

Due to the large volume of quality representative work from energy storage professionals, there will be two-day parallel sessions that include full-abstract papers and poster presenters rather than the single plenary sessions throughout the day.

All entries selected for paper and poster presentations are consistent with the conference theme of energy reliability and resilience, with a keen focus on systems, research and development, policy, and advanced storage technologies.

Further, this year, due to the volume, there will be two-day parallel sessions rather than the single plenary sessions throughout the day. This means that there is insufficient time to have over one hundred paper presentations in the conference time frame.

Will the posters just be on display?

The plenary sessions are designed such that each poster presenter has a specific time slot each exhibit day to describe the work or topic associated with the technical poster.

Posters will be showcased from 7:30am until 5:00pm on each of the designated days.

What exactly is required of the poster presenter?

Poster presenters are required to submit a (minimum) 2-page abstract according to the deadlines posted on the EESAT website and to generate a 30"x40" technical poster that highlights the contents of the abstract to be displayed on the designated date during the conference.

Do the poster presenters also need to submit an abstract?

Yes. The EESAT posters add to the technical knowledge of the electrical energy storage profession and industry. Therefore, the content and associated illustrations, graphs, and references of each poster presentation also require a formal, written abstract consistent with the other paper presentations for this conference.

When will the posters be presented?

Posters will be presented in two parts:

  1. By the individual presenter in a brief oral description of the contents and main topic highlights in the pre-assigned session before the afternoon paper presentations according in a variety of the conference theme topic areas; and
  2. At a high visibility locale in the venue shared by other vendors, sponsors, and exhibitors, and presenters.

Do the full-abstract paper presenters have a different due-date on their deadlines?

No. Technical poster and paper presenters have the same deadlines for abstracts and viewgraphs.

Will the poster presenters also be in the compendium of abstracts?

Yes. Poster presentations for this conference were selected because they represent scientific research, demonstrations, and technical studies in the area of energy storage and will be in the published compendium of abstracts.

What is the benefit of presenting a poster and not a paper?

The poster presenter has an opportunity to share topical content in the same hall as the plenary and at the designated exhibit area. Poster presenters can comment or respond directly to questions about the physical display or the contents throughout the day on site where the poster will be displayed, during scheduled breaks or at professional networking activities scheduled by the planning committee.

Because there will be parallel paper presentations sessions, participants have more time to visit and view exhibits, displays, and vendors according to technical interests.

Poster presenters, like full-abstract paper presenters will have an opportunity to be photographed. Poster presenters will be given a timeslot to be photographed at their poster displays during the day that their posters are exhibited.

What if I don't put the papers in the technical paper format?

The publisher's team of technical editors will format each abstract - poster or paper according to the manuscript guidelines shared with authors and presenters if the document is submitted in a format outside of the guidelines.

What if I can't put my paper/abstract in the required format?

The EESAT team of technical editors will format each abstract - poster or paper according to the manuscript guidelines shared with authors and presenters.

Why are you asking for a professional format anyway?

The manuscript guidelines represent a professional format and

  1. Is an industry standard
  2. Makes the technical paper easier to read and scan by fellow professionals
  3. Allows the writer to submit the EESAT paper to professional, technical journals like IEEE, ASME, Chemical Engineer, etc.

Do we need to send the poster PowerPoint to EESAT A/V Coordinator?

Yes. Poster presenters who want a screen display of key elements of their poster contents have the same obligation as paper presenters and must keep to the time limitation for their work or talk at the assigned plenary session.

Will EESAT (SNL) print the posters from the poster presentations?

No. The poster presenters are solely responsible to layout, print, transport, display, mount, and remove their physical technical poster presentations for this conference.

The EESAT Planning Committee team is not responsible for the graphics arts required to yield a product for display at the conference.

There is an optional review available for viewgraphs and dimension review if poster presenters submit electronic copies according to the deadline listed in the schedule on the EESAT website.

Will the poster presenters have to stay with their posters?

This is highly recommended for the duration of the poster presenter's assigned session.

The poster presenters have a full day for their work to be displayed.

Poster presenters are strongly encouraged to be at the assigned displays at scheduled breaks for networking opportunities, to respond to questions, and to speak more directly with other conference attendees in general.

Where will the posters be displayed at the conference?

The posters will be on display in the prominent locale of the main ballroom the entire day of assigned session. In addition, they will be near the conference sponsor booths, a place of high foot traffic.