ECN 2nd Workshop Proceedings

Engine Combustion Network 2nd Workshop, ECN2

7-8 Sept. 2012, Heidelberg, Germany, after ICLASS 2012

Workshop summary

Over 100 participants from 20 different countries attended the workshop, and 40 more accessed the live presentations via webcast. The workshop addressed key stages of spray development and combustion, with 8 institutions contributing experimental data and 16 different groups offering CFD simulations at these same operating conditions. Organizers gathered experimental and modeling results prior to the workshop to allow a side-by-side comparison and expert review of the current state of the art for diagnostics and engine modeling.

Proceedings from the workshop are available to download below, including video/audio recordings of the event. The proceedings include a summary abstract followed by the presentation. When movies were used in the presentation, a .zip file of a powerpoint document and movies has been made to allow delivery of all information.


Results of the ECN Workshop proceedings are contributed in the spirit of open scientific collaboration. Some results represent completed work, while others are from work in progress. Readers should keep this in mind when reviewing these materials. It is inappropriate to quote or reference specific results from these proceedings without first checking with the individual author(s) for permission and for the latest information on results and references.

ECN2 Proceedings, summaries, abstracts, and presentations (program)

Summary & Presentation                      Group leaders with contact info    
Overall Summary
Introduction presentation
Future plans presentation
Gilles Bruneaux (IFPEN): Lyle Pickett (Sandia):
Internal Nozzle Flow Summary and presentation pdf Chris Powell (Argonne): David Schmidt (UMassAmherst): Marco Arienti (Sandia):
Spray Development and Vaporization
Summary pdf
Presentation zip file
Julien Manin (Sandia): Sibendu Som (Argonne): Chawki Habchi (IFPEN):
Mixing and Velocity
Summary pdf
Presentation zip file
Louis-Marie Malbec (IFPEN): Gianluca D’Errico (Pol. Milano):
Ignition and
Lift-off Length

Summary pdf
Presentations(2) zip file
Michele Bardi (CMT): Evatt Hawkes (UNSW): Christian Angelberger (IFPEN):
Summary and presentation pdf
Emre Cenker (Duisburg/IFPEN):
Dan Haworth (Penn St.):
Gasoline Sprays
Summary and presentation pdf
Scott Parrish (GM):
Engine Flows
Sebastian Kaiser

Video/audio recordings of the workshop are available using the links below:

Friday 7 Sept.

Engine Flows and Internal nozzle flow
Spray development and vaporization
Mixing and Velocity, Gasoline sprays

Saturday 8 Sept.

Ignition and lift-off
Soot and future directions

Workshop Logistics

Gilles Bruneaux:
Eva Gutheil (ICLASS 2012 chair):

Organization Archive
Call for experimental and modeling contributions