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Morfeus is the Multiphysics Object-oriented Reconfigurable Fluid Environment for Unified Simulations. The goals of the Morfeus project are:

  1. To develop new object-oriented software design patterns tailored to multiphysics modeling.
  2. To demonstrate the new patterns in code that models plume and ceiling jet dynamics in compartment fires.
  3. To cooperate with other Office of Naval Research principal investigators to develop pattern-based specifications for physics-based models of Navy vessel subsystems.

The project is funded by the Office of Naval Research via subcontract to the Research Foundation of The City University of New York.

To date, we have developed three new design patterns and demonstrated their utility in a prototype code designed for flexible integration of multiphysics models. The patterns facilitate swapping numerical methods and physical models at compile-time and runtime. The current code base includes models for quantum vortices, electromagnetic fields, fluid dynamics, scalar advection/diffusion, and aerosol transport.