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Information Systems

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Videoconference & Collaboration Technologies

Welcome to the Videoconference and Collaborative Technologies (VACT) Department. The VACT department's mission is to provide a reliable, interactive communication capability that enables Sandians to effectively share ideas, concepts and information. The tools that we support are:

With the current generation of electronic collaborative conferencing technologies, we believe that continuous improvement is imperative to keep pace with customer demand for these tools. Therefore, our next generation of tools – which will enhance and extend our current portfolio – is being developed through strategic partnerships throughout the industry. These successful partnerships reinforce our business model, which encourages in-depth relationships with suppliers and customers and has a strong emphasis on people-, process-, and knowledge-management.

Additionally, the VACT team builds and manages conference rooms for Sandians and provides urgent customer service support to any Sandian experiencing difficulty, regardless of being in public or private rooms.