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Recent News Articles

2009 Articles

Aug 14 Complexity research offers new design methods to strengthen cyber security (Sandia Lab News Article)

Jul 28 Sandia computer scientists successfully boot one million Linux kernels as virtual machines (Sandia News Release)

2008 Articles

Aug 13 Sandia Researcher develops inference technique that estimates how many people will fall sick in an epidemic (Sandia News Release)

2007 Articles

Jan 17 Sandia’s “OVIS” now available as open-source software (Sandia News Release)

2006 Articles

Nov 01 Sandia's JESS 7.0 rule engine available for licensing (Sandia News Release)

Sept 12 Sandia fingerprinting technique demonstrates wireless device driver vulnerabilities (Sandia News Release)

Oct 30 Sandia computational science projects funded by the DOE Office of Science (Sandia News Release)