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The Computer Sciences and Information Systems (CS&IS) Center:

The center has capabilities that span multiple computer science and information systems disciplines, including:

Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) departments provide Integrating Enabling Services (IES) in Information Systems for the California site.  The IS mission is to "Ensure full and secure utilization of the IS infrastructure resources at the California site."

Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences (CS) departments provide computing research and development for national security problems. The dual goal of these departments is to (1) underpin current business areas with robust and exciting research capabilities and (2) provide fundamental knowledge for future innovation.

Recruiting Requirements

The center is focused on recruiting staff with degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.  IS departments will be primarily interested in prospective staff at the Bachelor of Science degree level; Computer Science departments will recruit at the Master and Doctorate degree level.

Staff is needed for both research and non-research positions within the center.

Applicants must be U.S. Citizens.

Current Job Openings

Please search the official Sandia employment database for current job openings in your area of expertise.

Go to the employment database

Also, please visit the Sandia Corporate Employment website to learn about working at Sandia and how to apply for employment.