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SNL/California: Computer Sciences & Information Systems Center (CS & IS)

Audio-visual equipment

Research Areas


Computer Science

Innovating scientific computing R&D.

Our purpose is to employ Information Systems and High Performance Computing for competitive advantage and mission success.

The Computer Sciences and Information Systems Center (CS & IS) is devoted to performing and enabling advanced computing research at Sandia’s satellite campus in Livermore, California.

Our activities include computational science and mathematics research, high performance computing, visualization systems research and development, problem solving environments, information security research and operations, desktop computer support, videoconferencing solutions and desktop collaboration technologies, and network operations.

Featured Project


OVIS display showing run-time conditions and configuration of the Thunderbird cluster. Nodes are shown in the physical layout of the cluster racks. Values of raw and derived quantities are displayed by color coding of the nodes. Patterns and outliers are easily spotted by the eye.

OVIS provides intelligent, real-time monitoring of computational computer clusters, and is now available for free download. Functionally, OVIS observes the properties of a cluster, characterizing individual device behaviors and comparing them to a large number of statistically similar devices to identify aberrant nodes.