The Center for Cyber Defenders

Real experience in Cybersecurity

Hands-on rotational opportunities with high-caliber technical mentors

Computer security is of critical importance, not only to Sandia National Laboratories but also to industry in general. The Center for Cyber Defenders Program gives computer science students practical experience directed towards understanding computer systems, network operations, and information protection. The mentors and staff of the Cyber Defender program have developed a unique environment that challenges students with cutting edge research projects, while supplying multiple levels of new skills for students with varied computer backgrounds. It also provides students with a legitimate venue for performing experiments on attacking and defending computer systems with proper guidance and protective measures in place.

The over arching goal of the Cyber Defender program is sharing and expanding knowledge in computer security and developing potential employees.

Cyber Defender students get to participate in activities aimed at securing Sandia’s information systems, and are offered opportunities to choose learning lectures in their areas of interests given by local Sandia staff members that are experts in their areas. The CCD is a highly collaborative, energetic, and creative environment where student interns get to work closely with Sandia’s technical staff and at the same time interact with other students/peers from colleges and universities across the country.

The Cyber Defender program encourages a pipeline of qualified candidates in cyber security and protection (IT, information protection, distributed computing) to address Homeland Security and National Security needs. The Cyber Defender program is comprised of undergraduate through graduate level interns. Local students are offered the opportunity to work year round, and non-local students spend a summer internship in the program.

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