Frequently Asked Questions

Is a security clearance required for the internship position, and if so, what level?
  A security clearance is not "required" to begin working, as we are located in an area that allows uncleared students to work. When students are hired, a clearance request form may be submitted for a DOE "L" clearance.
Do CCD interns find careers at Sandia after they graduate?
  Since our program started in 2001, we have had 19% of our student interns hired by Sandia as employees. Some other students have also accepted jobs at Los Alamos Labs, Lincoln Labs, Microsoft, NSA and the CIA.
Does the CCD program have students working in one department, on one job, or do they get to experience different areas?
  Being a CCD student exposes you to many different areas at Sandia. The summer internship program lasts approximately 10 weeks, and each student is assigned two projects. Some projects require students to work in teams and due to the large open lab atmosphere, you are always exposed to other projects, other mentors, etc.
What is the normal sequence of events in getting hired into the CCD?

The job is posted online, and you submit your application. You may be asked to complete and return an email interview. From there you may be selected for a telephone interview. If selected, you will receive a Student Intern Programs hiring package with further instructions.

What about salary, housing, relocation, etc. . .?
  Students are paid a salary that is based on the number of credit hours they have completed towards their degree. More information on the student internship program can be found at the Student Internship Program Office.
How do I set my start date?
  • SIP will ask you about a sign in date and request that you negotiate it with your manager.  As far as sign in dates go - Han Lin IS YOUR MANAGER
  • We don't really have to "negotiate"
  • You tell Cherri or Tommie which Monday after your semester ends works the best for you to start
  • It must be a Monday.
  • That is the negotiation.
What do I do on my start day?
  • Your sign in day will consist of an ENTIRE day of orientation.
  • Cherri or Tommie will meet you at lunch and give you directions on where to show up to work on Tuesday morning.
What is the difference between the start date and the report date?
  Your start date is when you come in for orientation on a Monday of your choice. Your report date is when you actually come in for work (usually the day after your start day).

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