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Center for Cyber Defender Program
Livermore, California


Cyber Boot Camps

The Cyber Boot Camp Program was developed to help make science and technology more exciting by treating students to hands-on experience and interaction with experts. The Cyber Boot Camp is being offered through the Center for Cyber Defenders - a student internship program at Sandia National Laboratories for high school and college students interested in Computer Science and Cyber Security. A typical Cyber Boot Camp lasts from 9:00am until 3pm for three or four days, and can be hosted at different locations. The camps are usually held at 10510 Research Road, at the south end of Eubank just before entering the Air Force Base. To see pictures from past Cyber Boot Camps, click here.

Course Modules Available
(usually spread over the entire time period)
  • An Introduction to Computers and their Hardware Components. Participants will be building a computer from the ground up, gaining understanding about each piece as they put it together. This helps them learn the "framework" of computers so that they can better understand computer security. A talk about password security is also included in this section.

  • An Introduction to Networks. What is a network, a router, a switch, a hub, a server, a cat 5 cable? Participants will make their own network cables and test them for accuracy. Using the computers that they built in the first section, they will make their own "mini" network. The participants and teachers will discuss securing the "mini" network from outsiders. The talk will include important information on Malware, Adaware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Viruses, etc., as well as what [free] public tools are available to you to help make your home computer more secure.

  • An Introduction to Digital Forensics. How does a computer "store" its information, and how does it delete that information - or does it? What are some expert tools used in discovery and recovery? This section includes hands-on exercises that demonstrate some of the ways that computer forensics experts can retrieve stored data.


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